Automatic Notifications in SchoolScreener® Keep Parents In The Loop

Automatic Notifications in SchoolScreener® are our solution to the struggle many providers face in keeping parents in the loop.

It can be difficult, at times, to keep an open channel of communication with parents. And relying on children to relay required literature is a sure-fire track to two dreaded outcomes.

That is – low uptake, and extortionate printing bills.

But, with automatic notifications in SchoolScreener®, you can alert parents when they have a confidential messenger waiting for them in the SchoolScreener ParentPortal ®

How Do Automatic Notifications in SchoolScreener® Work? 

The simplicity of the automatic notifications in SchoolScreener® is what makes it so attractive.

Once you have configured the notifications, no further intervention is required. Parents receive notifications automatically via email and/or SMS. This happens whenever any action is taken within SchoolScreener®.

It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for consent to deliver an imms campaign, or delivering the results of a vision screen to a parent. You can rest easy, knowing they will receive the required info in a secure & timely manner.

Guarantee Child Data is Safe With Automatic Notifications In SchoolScreener® 

Certain health information shouldn’t be shared via email, for privacy reasons.

This could be, for example, the results of a vision or hearing check. Or – for that matter – any SchoolScreener® associated actions.

So, automatic notifications in SchoolScreener® keep the information within the SchoolScreener ParentPortal®.

There’s no clinical, or patient identifiable, information in the notification. The parent is simply referred to the SchoolScreener ParentPortal®.

That way, the data is kept secure on our UKFast servers. And, more importantly, your team isn’t left waiting for little Timmy or Susie to give their parents a letter that they lost, just minutes after you gave it to them.

Maximise Your Uptake Whilst Minimising Your Costs – Get in Touch Today

Notification systems offer a previously unparalleled avenue of communication with parents.

Through email and SMS alerts, you can let parents know that they have child-health related literature waiting for their review. And, you can do so knowing that their data is being kept securely. Finally, without the time & cost burdens of printing and distributing paper forms, your trust could be saving a pretty penny.

Interested in finding out more? Automatic Notifications in SchoolScreener® are now available. Get in touch today and enquire to find out more. 

If you want to find out more about the range of new products we have, please read our blog post.

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