Public Health commissioners, the payers of healthcare, lead healthy child programmes to be sure that children get the best start in life. It’s a universal, strategic priority. SchoolScreener® has a track record of supporting both commissioners and the providers they contract to deliver child health services. We’ve worked with public health and school nursing providers since 2013 and have expanded our services to meet their needs.

Modernise the Healthy Child Programme

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that technology can be harnessed to deliver services in difficult circumstances. As we move forwards, service modernisation is now accepted as central to all long-term planning. For example, Public Health England’s 5-year strategy for Healthy Child 0-19 programmes. Service providers need technology built for purpose, which is where SchoolScreener® comes in.

SchoolScreener® automates much of the administration, reporting and organisation of Healthy Child programmes. From health needs assessments at all stages to managing immunisation programmes or vision and hearing screening. Or automating the NCMP for child growth reporting.


No Child Left Behind

A common facet of all SchoolScreener® applications is the cohort view. At a glance, school nursing providers can see the status of each child on all of the campaigns they’re delivering. Case-based systems seldom offer this practical tool, yet it’s a foundation of our system. Also, they can access individual data instantly and communicate with parents automatically. Providers can maximise campaign participation more with SchoolScreener®.

Data-Driven Decisions

Public health commissioners need access to data to drive their decision-making. So, a system that provides 24/7 dashboard access with the ability to compare anonymised school data across a district is immensely valuable.

Yes, each and every SchoolScreener® application does the above as standard. As well as formal, automated reports to your stakeholders, in the format you define.


Improved Participation from Better Parent Communications


That’s SchoolScreener® Parent Portal. Electronic consent (we call it eConsent) removes the need for printing and collating paper forms. But Parent portal goes way beyond eConsent. It includes the ability to gather triage responses, share public health information in PDF format and send direct to any internet-connected device. Whatever the parent prefers, phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

You’ll probably still need some printed matter, but much less. Not everyone will be willing or able to engage electronically, so SchoolScreener® works with both methods equally. It’ll save you time, resource and budget.

Electronic parent letters with screening results and referrals if required are also distributed quickly, without fuss or extra cost.

Using SchoolScreener® empowers public health commissioners to deliver immediate priorities while aligning services with long-term aims. This includes the Marmot Review (2010), the Ottowa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO, 1986) and the latest PHE 5-year strategy for Healthy Child Programmes.

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