Child BMI, the NCMP and the Benefits of Digitisation


Child BMI is routinely measured and calculated in England for the National Child Measurement Programme, or NCMP as it’s known. Whether it’s mandatory or not in your country, measuring child growth is important to track their development.

The software manages the full BMI screening process from data capture to administration, including personalised communications to parents/carers.

Our product designed to simplify this task is called SchoolScreener® NCMP in England, SchoolScreener® Height + Weight elsewhere.

It works with the SchoolScreener® Parent Portal to eliminate the need for printing and manually distributing parent letters. It also manages the referral pathway and feedback to schools. Managers have access to detailed information and audit allowing quality control, timely interventions and decision making on resource allocation.

It’s intuitive to use for screeners of any grade within the school nursing team.

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Automate the Admin!


For the NCMP, child BMI measurements are automatically checked and may be uploaded in bulk to NHS Digital, if required.

This cohesive application is an easy way for you to determine which children need further help. Its automated approach also removes the risk of calculation error.

With automated data management, as well as automated and graphical output, you’ll soon find SchoolScreener® NCMP to be invaluable.


Use it as a low-cost stepping-stone in your journey to service transformation and digitisation.

As with all of our products, SchoolScreener® NCMP can be bought via the
Government’s Digital Marketplace in England.

It’s quick, easy, efficient, and reliable. And when it comes to a child’s health, those are things you can’t take lightly.


Download the NCMP Child BMI Product Fact Sheet

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SchoolScreener® requires no special training, so is quick to set up, even for the first time. You really are up and running in just a few minutes. All SchoolScreener® products include training, support and IT from Thomson Screening. The screener or school nurse, of whatever grade, can focus on making the tests fun and involving for the children.

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