Manage and Automate Child Vision Screening and Hearing Screening Programmes

This 4-minute child health screening video shows how the London Borough of Newham’s School Nursing team use SchoolScreener® Vision and Hearing. It covers periods pre-COVID and during. This video forms part of the service’s engagement with local parents.

Children are especially vulnerable to changes of hearing and vision; that’s why it’s important to check them with screening programmes. The earlier we work out which children are at-risk, the sooner we can focus resources in the right places.

Screening is strongly recommended by Government guidance in the UK. Even if your country’s Government doesn’t mandate it, it makes good clinical sense to screen child vision and hearing, at least at school entry.

Vision Screening

For school entry vision screening teams, SchoolScreener® Vision automates the complete screening process. It’s always available, online or offline. Uploaded class lists, automated parent communications, reports and audits. No manual data entry of test results is required.

Complies with all Public Health England guidance. This includes all elements of the latest version from the National Screening Committee (updated October 2023). See the details in our news announcement.

For countries other than England, there are many different sets of guidelines and rules, including the ages at which children are screened. SchoolScreener® Vision has been developed to be fully configurable to the needs of any health service, in any language. Please contact us directly, to allow us to explain how we meet the requirements in your country/state.

Our vision screening tests use UK and international screening protocols. They’re quick and easy to use, and all it requires the child to do is try on a pair of glasses and read from a laptop screen.

SchoolScreener® Vision reliably, simply and swiftly identifies which children are in need of referral to a full assessment. All associated administration is automated. That includes pathway management and feedback from secondary care.

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Hearing Screening

Government guidance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland requires all children get hearing screening at school from ages 4 to 7. This is supported by the National Deaf Children’s Society.

See our news section for additional information about the importance of hearing screening at reception age and this article at

Check out SchoolScreener® Hearing for your local schools, ask for an online demo.

SchoolScreener® Hearing comes with a kit that includes equipment to support easy and efficient testing. This includes a pair of child-sized headphones that isolate most ambient sound. Also, a smartphone-sized audiometer that plugs into a laptop to manage the sound and an on-screen game.

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Each test may be adapted depending on the age group of the children. However, regardless of what you choose, each system is effective in highlighting the children that need further help and those who don’t; and that’s the most fundamental part.

You can keep the results of each child’s screenings in an online space that is easy to access and proves much easier to refer to than paper.

As with all our products, SchoolScreener® Vision and SchoolScreener® Hearing can be bought via the Government’s Digital Marketplace in England.

For an easy system with everything you need organised in one space, SchoolScreener® is it.

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SchoolScreener® requires no special training, so is quick to set up, even for the first time. You really are up and running in just a few minutes. All SchoolScreener® products include training, support and IT from Thomson Screening. The screener or school nurse, of whatever grade, can focus on making the tests fun and involving for the children.

See any SchoolScreener® module for yourself; ask for a demonstration now.

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