Healthy Child Initiatives Digitised and Transformed


Transform your healthy child programmes through digitisation with SchoolScreener®. It’ll help you to increase capacity and service efficiency. As evidence, the platform is proven, having been used over 2 million times.

Keeping in-line with England’s NHS Healthy Child Programme, SchoolScreener® apps support all school nursing activities. Also it’s a good choice in other countries, too. Ask us how.

Healthy Child Programme Recommended Products

SchoolScreener® can come as one, all-encompassing package or be broken down to meet your specific needs. Specifically, it delivers end-to-end immunisation, health needs assessments, child BMI (NCMP), vision and hearing screening. 

All our products use the same proven software architecture. They automate delivery in-school and throughout your district. Also, the cohort view, common to all SchoolScreener® products, ensures that no child misses out on healthy child initiatives. From the beginning of 2021, all products now include the SchoolScreener® Parent Portal for online, electronic consent and parent communications.

SchoolScreener® helps to deliver the quality, efficiencies and capacity building that your service requires right now. Also, it’s ready to go live within a few weeks, usually 6 weeks or less. 

For more information on each of our function-specific applications, select from the logos below:

Since 2013, Thomson Screening have supported the digitisation and transformation of healthy child programmes in the UK and elsewhere. We understand school nursing service providers and the authorities that commission their services, because we work with them every day. We help to reduce the burden of administration and information overload.

This frees up more time for care.

SchoolScreener® products require no special training, so is quick to set up, even for the first time. You really are up and running in just a few minutes. All SchoolScreener® products include technical support and training, support from Thomson Screening. The screener or school nurse, of whatever grade, can focus on making the tests fun and involving for the children.

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