SchoolScreener® Supports School Nursing Services


We work with school nursing teams and school health to develop the solutions you ask for. This includes vision and hearing screening, child BMI and the NCMP. Also, health needs assessments, eConsent, immunisations and parent communications.

And the reason each application works so well is precisely because we’ve worked with school health teams. We develop the functionality that  you require.

And we listen continuously, then continue to develop.

Above all, flexibility is key. Each school health team has different needs. SchoolScreener® is designed to be configurable for each team’s requirements, in any language.

We understand the pressure, the lack of time and the need to do more with limited capacity and budget.


Although SchoolScreener® is entirely digital, don’t let that scare you.

Data, reporting and communications are all automated. That’s for school health teams, clinical or operational management at district, town, county-level or wider.

Clinical leadership and school health’s operational management have all the reporting they need. They can manage capacity, quality, reporting and KPIs. If your service works across community and secondary care, such as for vision and hearing screening, the automation saves even more time. All your administration is automated and data is exported to other databases used by your organisation.  


Our Parent Portal is designed to engage parents. It makes communications between school health and parents seamless, easy and quick.

That now includes booking catch up clinics. It all works to your team’s individual requirements.

A lack of time and control is a thing of the past. SchoolScreener® puts school nursing back in control. And if there’s anything you’re unsure about, then we’re here to help.

Because we all want the same thing… to ensure that children lead happy and healthy lives.

We’re proud to support the School and Public Health Nursing Association,  SAPHNA.

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