Clinician-Led Services


Worldwide, clinician-led child health services are turning to SchoolScreener® to support clinical leadership. It helps them deliver digital transformation and evidence to the commissioners that pay for their services.

The remit may be early intervention, managing service quality, effectiveness, efficiency or transformation.

Where there are local guidelines in place, SchoolScreener® complies with all of them. For example, the Public Health England Service Guidelines for vision screening.

How SchoolScreener® Helps Clinicians

As health services battle budgetary constraints, implement SchoolScreener® to support capacity building and service transformation.

School vision and hearing screening is often delivered by non-clinicians. But how do you manage quality and realise efficiencies in-school and across the whole district? The vast majority of children screened for vision and hearing are fine. Major challenges include:

  • Quick identification of the children to be seen for a full clinical assessment. 
  • Managing the screening process. 
  • The complexity of population-wide programmes at scale.

Manage everything and automate using SchoolScreener® in-school, or across wider areas. Clinical leadership and operational management gain control through real time reporting. That means more time for clinician assessment and treatment, at lower cost, too.

Immunisation programmes get overwhelmed by consent management, compliance and the effort of managing workflow and process. All may be automated with SchoolScreener®.

Often central to school health planning and service delivery, health needs assessments are time-consuming. SchoolScreener® takes them online, facilitates localisation and automates them. This includes  electronic consent, reporting, risk assessments and parent communications.

….. and it takes just six weeks or less for clinicians to see the benefits of SchoolScreener®.

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