International Distributors and Partners

International distributors and partners are an important part of our commercial plans. Thomson Screening is expanding globally, recently signing agreements in the USA and EU. If you are a distributor with strong channels in school and child health, occupational health or education, we’re keen to talk to you. Please reach out to our team.

SchoolScreener® is a robust, proven application designed for managing population-wide screening programmes for vision and hearing. Also, to automate the management of COVID 19 testing programmes, immunisations and health needs assessments.

SchoolScreener® applications are fully configurable to the requirements of health services worldwide, in any language. The software enables providers of child health programmes to focus on service delivery. It eliminates manual administration in-school and across wide areas. For vision and hearing screening, there’s no need for screening to be delivered by clinicians. This enables clinical services to focus on treatment, so helping children live healthier lives.


If you’re interested in working alongside us, then there are multiple avenues you can take. If you want to become an authorised partner, distributor, re-seller, or SchoolScreener® agent, then contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

As 80% of learning is visual, Thomson Screening has also developed a variant of SchoolScreener® Vision for teachers. Called SchoolScreener® for Schools, it’s in 3,000 UK elementary and secondary schools. It’s used to check whether poor eyesight may be affecting a child’s educational progress.


International Case Study

An example of the international volunteer organisations we’ve worked with are Cross Cultural Solutions. They had this to say:

SchoolScreener® enables our international volunteers to efficiently screen vulnerable children across our 9 program locations. Community members and parents are so appreciative that we're able to fill a gap in basic healthcare services for their children. We hope our Vision Project will improve education outcomes for children, reduce school dropout rates and enable children around the world to fulfil their potential.


We’ve also developed a range of sister-products, for use by occupational health professionals in the workplace. It’s called  WorkScreener® and we’re keen to meet potential distributors for this.

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