Use Satisfaction Surveys in SchoolScreener® to Support School Nursing

Use Satisfaction Surveys in SchoolScreener® To Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Patient satisfaction surveys in SchoolScreener® can be a great way to measure the perceived effectiveness of a service. They are a potent tool in collecting feedback, and discerning service shortcomings from a parent or child-based perspective. This can be instrumental in securing tender offers. After all, demonstrating that you are in touch with the population, and aware of the issues facing your locality, will never go amiss.

We are no strangers to designing questionnaires – after all, our Health Needs module is built from this expertise. We have worked to cover the topics that you want, to ensure you get useful & usable feedback from your population. Our new satisfaction surveys in SchoolScreener® have all been designed in response to conversations with providers. Built upon the same tried-and-tested structure as our health questionnaires, they offer a previously unparalleled avenue of conversation with your locality.

Enjoy Streamlined Implementation of Satisfaction Surveys in SchoolScreener® 

Anonymous satisfaction surveys in SchoolScreener® can be easily integrated into your screening portal. Parents complete the survey from their device, through an email link or embedded form. Then, the results are automatically collated and reported through your KPI dashboard.

What this means is that, for you, there is very little set-up involved. You simply choose the questions you want included, and we do the rest.

Distribution is effortless, and paperless. Results are easily readable, and sortable against a number of factors.

And, as always, any patient-identifiable information is stripped. Meaning you can use responses as evidence in discussions with management, commissioners, or other stakeholders.

Need More Feedback from Your Locality? Enquire Today

If your trust is in need of feedback from your locality, then patient satisfaction surveys in SchoolScreener® could be right for you. With over 25 question types, locality branding, summary reports – and the standard SchoolScreener® offering of low-no admin, free customer support, and free customisation to your local needs, what’s stopping you?

There has never been a better time to examine if you are getting the most out of your locality. With PHE pushing data-driven decision making, you would be well served to back any clinical decisions with evidence. Parent & child responses to satisfaction surveys can form a great reference in these cases.

Want to find out more? Get in touch today.

Or, if you want to see the rest of our new product range, please read our blog post. 

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