SchoolScreener Automatic PDS Lookup Service

It’s been a little while since our last set of release posts, but we are always working hard, here at SchoolScreener, to bring school health providers across the country the tools they need to deliver life-changing interventions.

So, we couldn’t be more pleased pleased to announce our latest development, which is the Automatic PDS Lookup service. This means that nursing teams across the country will now be able to automatically check and add NHS numbers from the Spine, when this feature is enabled.

For school health teams, this means they can rest easy – knowing that SchoolScreener records correspond to a child record on the Spine. This should mean there are less opportunities for matching errors etc.

What if there is no match?

What happens if we don’t find a match or there are more than 1 matches: we will mark the NHS number on the SchoolScreener as “Not matched”. We will only confirm matches if they are unambiguous, if there is any doubt, we will move one.

Want to find out more?

You can read more about how exactly the PDS lookup works on our standalone page about just that:
PDS Lookup Service.

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