Your School Nursing Service Modernisation Roadmap

School Nursing Service Modernisation is a big project. It can be hard to know where to begin. In the first post, we discussed why modernising services is a necessity. But, that still leaves the question of “how?“

Luckily for you, we have prepared a comprehensive roadmap on the ways you can modernise your services. Keep reading…

Automate Admin and Liberate Your Clinical Staff!

By automating the all-important (but time-consuming!) administrative work, you can allow clinical staff to do what they have been hired for. 

The fact is, collating data to make reports, writing letters to parents, copying information from one form to the next… these are all total wastes of your time. If you are a clinical member of staff, your skill set should be being used in a clinical setting. There’s no logic behind a specialist worker being pigeonholed into doing work a computer can complete, in a fraction of the time. Plus, by digitising admin, there is a far lower chance for error in data entry!

Click image to be taken to source (RCN Survey 2016). A list of duties surveyed school nurses complete, and their perceptions of how relevant they are to the role. Note 30% of respondents listed they want to spend less time on admin.

Expand School Nursing Service Modernisation Across the Board

There are now more solutions than ever to the problems we face. Technology is moving at an amazing rate, and doors are opening that have simply not been possible before. With bespoke software, you can deliver questionnaires, manage consent, record NCMP data… 

All this points to streamlined services. Providers should have the tools, now, to deliver more than ever before – only quicker, and cheaper, than was previously possible. 

Cut on Costs by Going Paperless

One of the great benefits of school nursing service modernisation is that it provides a chance for nurses to move away from paper. By necessity, school nurses have always relied on forms. To distribute required information, to gather consent, for health needs questionnaires… 

But, ultimately, paper-based forms are inefficient, unsecure, and expensive. With school nursing service modernisation, you could distribute the same literature, for free, in a fraction of the time – using online platforms. And, you’d have the added bonus of being able to edit the forms easily, if required. 

School Nursing Service Modernisation Could Mean You Say Adieu to Office Hours

One of the key aims of school nursing service modernisation is to release more time to care. Clinical staff are few and far between, and admin is something that a computer can do, these days. 

So why lock your rare, and valuable, nurses away in the office? They should be out there, delivering care! You could license software to complete that pesky paperwork, for less than it costs to hire a temp. 

And, by increasing contact hours in the community, there are more opportunities for interactions between providers and their local areas. This could be pivotal in understanding community health requirements, and developing the dialogue between localities and their constituents. 

Want to find out more about School Nursing Service Modernisation?

You’re not alone!

We have written a series of blogs, this summer, focused on how providers can align with the new Health Child Programme aims. This includes a range of methods for school nursing service modernisation. You can find them here! 

If you want more information about how SchoolScreener® specifically can help you with school nursing service modernisation please have a look at our product page. You can find some of the modules we have developed, directly as a result of working with providers. 

SchoolScreener® has spent the past 8 years working side-by-side with providers & commissioners. We know what you need, and we’re here to make your lives easier. Which is why we can implement a suite of time-saving solutions in less than 6 weeks (including local customisations and full training across all staff). So, school nursing service modernisation doesn’t need to be a headache.


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