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Child Health Screening in Schools

Screening in schools is vitally important. If undetected, vision or hearing problems may impact a child's social and educational development. This, in turn, places greater demands on teachers and school support resources.

Whether screening is mandatory or not, teachers can help their pupils reach their full potential in a just a few clicks. SchoolScreener® accurately identifies those children in need of further, professional tests and subsequent treatments. It works just as well for children in school or preschool. Whatever their age, it adjusts to be age-appropriate.

Available globally, all that's required is a laptop. Use all versions of SchoolScreener® in 45 languages. This includes voice-overs in the software, as well as on-screen prompts and outputs.

SchoolScreener® is inexpensive and easy to use. In just a few clicks, schools can check a few children where there are concerns, through to any number of children in the school.

Screening in Schools, for Teachers and School Nurses

SchoolScreener® is designed to be used by non-clinicians without specialist training, such as teachers, volunteers and classroom assistants. It's quick and thorough; vision tests take from 45 seconds and hearing from a few minutes.

For schools with in-house nursing resources in place, SchoolScreener® streamlines the whole administrative process. School nurses complete their tasks easier and faster. Also, it saves all the time spent on administration; it's set up just as you want it.

SchoolScreener® also provides an up-to-date, consistent method of testing that's fun for young children.

Whether you have access to clinical staff or not, whether screening in schools is mandatory or not, it’s a good thing to do. SchoolScreener® helps to deliver better public health and improved educational outcomes.

To effectively manage area-wide screening programs and data management for child health, look no further than SchoolScreener®.

SchoolScreener® enables the costly and complex to be delivered, simply, easily and efficiently. Use it for screening or other school health management needs, including immunization.

Any Questions?

Just contact us on the enquiry form or by phone on  +44 (0)203 588 0717 or, if you're in the USA +1 406 287 7451.

SchoolScreener® Modules

SchoolScreener® is a modular application, based on the functionality that you require.

You may be a teacher concerned about a few students' educational progress and want to rule out poor eyesight or hearing. Or, maybe you manage area-wide screening programs. Just select what you need from SchoolScreener®.

If your need is for one location only, a school, a clinic or whatever you determine, just choose the modules that you want. These include: SchoolScreener® Vision, SchoolScreener® Hearing, SchoolScreener® Imms, SchoolScreener® Height + Weight and more. Use them as often as you require, with no administration or data management, it's all automated.

For health services, we're continuing to develop new modules using the same, proven technology that underpins our screening modules. Ask about our immunization data management and other modules in development.

Screening in schools, single or multiple, has never been easier.

For a more detailed comparison of features between the various modules, see the software products page

All personal data is securely held in the Cloud and compliant with regulatory requirements. For example, SchoolScreener is HIPAA compliant in the USA and GDPR compliant in the EU. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Try SchoolScreener® Vision in your school or organization, FREE of charge. This'll show you just how easy it is to set up, use and get real, automated results. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes and don't forget, there's no manual data entry needed! The free licence allows you to test the vision of up to 10 children at a single location.

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