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We host a series of regular webinars and open discussions, for school health service providers, commissioners and other interested groups. They are open to all; new contacts, existing customers and software users. We also host webinars for senior management at corporate, government and healthcare organisations, specifically for workforce planning in relation to COVID-19.

Our audience members are generally busy people with demanding jobs, so we’ve found it impractical to restrict these webinars to single dates or times. So, rather than large group webinars, we offer multiple dates and times. Hopefully we can satisfy all schedules that way. This also has the advantage of keeping audience size lower, often enabling group discussion to take place, rather than just us talking to you.

Unless otherwise stated, expect webinars to last around 30 minutes.

Where it’s still possible to join a forthcoming webinar, a button is provided below. That will take you to another page, showing all available dates and times, where you can select your preferred option.

Where not, please either download presentation content or contact us to arrange an individual, online presentation or ask for more information.


03 November - 09 November

marta kalas

Building A Better
Business Case

Being able to put together an effective business case is essential to securing funding, to expand or improve services, especially with budgetary cuts & restrictions. But it can be a bit of a minefield.

Luckily, at SchoolScreener, we know what the head honchos are looking for – and, what’s more, we can help you figure out the best way to write your proposal.

Sign up for a session on:

3rd November, 13:00
4th November, 16:30
9th November, 13:00

Past Events


30 June - 30 September, 2021

marta kalas

How SchoolScreener COVID Manager Can Simplify Your
Testing Needs

These 30 minute webinars will cover everything you need to know about using SchoolScreener COVID Manager. 

We’ve made managing the process and personal data around COVID tests easier. Put everything in one place. It’s the only tool you’ll need, to ensure students and staff alike are kept safe. 


02 June - 02 July, 2021

marta kalas

Predicted Expansion of the Autumn Flu Programme 2021

In one of these quick, half an hour webinars, we will be evaluating some of the potential changes to PHE’s school immunisation schedule this autumn.

What are the biggest concern areas, and how can providers prepare themselves for the upcoming campaign?




28 April - 14 July, 2021

marta kalas

Introduction to the Service Digitisation Advantages of SchoolScreener

In these 30-minute webinars, we take you on a whistle-stop tour of what SchoolScreener has to offer. How it can help you meet your digitisation objectives AND make more time to care for the children in your schools.

There’s the Parent Portal to remove the need for paper-based parent  communications. Automated administration of all types for screening, NCMP, health needs and vaccination campaigns.


4 May - 6 July, 2021

marta kalas

How to Leverage Even More Value from SchoolScreener!

We’ve got some fantastic new features that help you to further improve your understanding of how parents rate your service. Also, ways you can improve parental communications with alerts.

And it’s all online, using the Parent Portal that’s integral part of every SchoolScreener implementation


18 January - 10 March, 2021

marta kalas

Introducing the New Parent Portal for Rapid, Safe Communications

The fastest, safest way to communicate directly with parents. It avoids the need for paper-based communications, saving you time, effort and cost.

Use the Parent Portal for electronic consent management, opt-in/out preferences, public health messages (e.g. PDF leaflets) and replacing parent letters.


28 Oct - 18 Dec, 2020

marta kalas

Challenges and Solutions for School Nursing in 2021

DOWNLOAD the webinar from 3rd December

30-minute webinars that address the new challenges faced by School Nursing teams as we head from a year we’d rather forget into an uncertain 2021. We have suggested solutions for these new, emerging challenges plus exacerbations of old problems.


9 July - 5 August, 2020

marta kalas

Better Management of the School Nursing Workload

With all the other pressures in schools right now, it’s still vital for school nursing teams to deliver their services. There’s a lot of catching up to do and new restrictions. Learn how to do it faster and with less time spent on admin. 

30-minute lunchtime webinars with yet more choice: 3 topics and 12 dates. Join us on as many sessions as you want.


15 June - 3 July, 2020

marta kalas

School Health in the Shadow of COVID-19

DOWNLOAD the webinar from 22nd June

Whether in lockdown or tentatively returning to school nursing duties, these webinars have a core theme of achieving more for your children, without the luxury of a bigger budget.

30-minute lunchtime webinars with more choice: 5 topics and 15 dates. Join us on as many sessions as you want.


26 May -10 June, 2020

marta kalas

Parent Communications During Covid-19, for 0-19 Healthy Child Services

See how Thomson Screening can support you and your 0-19 Health Child Programme teams, once School Nursing services resume.

Printing and delivering letters to parents is time-consuming and expensive, we all know that. Now, with concerns about Covid-19 risks and paper communications, we may not want or need to handle all those pieces of paper…..


13-27 May, 2020

marta kalas

School Health Workforce Planning

Support for Workforce Planning and Optimisation during the coming months of turmoil.

We’ll show you how automation can free up time for all staff, in order to release time for care. Without breaking your budget.


13-27 May, 2020

marta kalas

Schools' Immunisation Programme 2020/1

In the shadow of COVID-19, NHS England have announced that they expect the demand for Schools’ Vaccination Services to INCREASE SIGNIFICANTLY. This is especially true for the forthcoming flu immunisations, plus the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn how Thomson Screening can help you to harness technology to deliver more, from the same resources. Get ahead with your planning now.


13 -18 May, 2020

marta kalas

COVID-19 Isolation Checker Webinar

Learn about the WorkScreener COVID-19 Isolation Checker and Stress Factor Checker. Sister products to SchoolScreener and based upon the same underlying technology, they’ll help you with Workforce Planning and Optimisation during the coming months of turmoil.

Understand your team’s availability quickly and easily. Who’s available for work, who’s not.


April-May, 2020

marta kalas

The New, New Normal for School and Public Health Nursing

An introduction to:

WorkScreener COVID-19 Isolation Tracker, to provide information about the general health and availability of the workforce. Short, sharp online questionnaires for regular use.

Also, SchoolScreener Imms for when you need to the COVID-19 vaccine out to schools (and maybe the broader community).


February-March, 2020

marta kalas

eQuestionnaires and Instant Identification of Red Flag Issues

DOWNLOAD the webinar

See how to automate health needs assessments with SchoolScreener® Health Needs. How pupil responses can generate colour-coded flags. School nursing teams can spot flagged information instantly for efficient, focussed follow-up. Automated reports for indivduals, year-groups or entire schools. See how a school compares with the average of other schools in the district.

Finally, see how the cohort view makes organisation and administration quick and easy. And in doing so, how you can release time to care, reduce risk and ensure that nobody gets missed in the process.


November-December, 2019

marta kalas

eConsent and Much, Much More

DOWNLOAD the webinar

How SchoolScreener® Imms works online and offline, so you’re not dependent on school wifi working in every room. Learn how eConsent is backed up by efficient manual processes. So, those unable or unwilling to use the Parent Portal are not disadvantaged.

Spot outlier information instantly for efficient, focussed follow up.

Finally, see how the cohort view makes organisation and administration quick and easy. And in doing so, how it ensures that nobody gets missed in the process.

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