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Immunization Data Management from SchoolScreener®

Parental consent and information management around in-school child immunization programmes are increasingly demanding. At Thomson Screening we’ve developed a new version of SchoolScreener® for this purpose. Specifically, it's to help public health organizations and their service providers meet their immunization data requirements in primary and secondary schools.

We have created SchoolScreener® Imms to support health program providers with automated data management, audit and reporting. As with all SchoolScreener® modules, there's no need for manual data entry and you don't need to be connected to the internet to use it.

It provides complete flexibility to accommodate individual locality requirements, including governance. Whether you manage a mandatory immunization program or just want to automate all of your data and governance requirements, consider SchoolScreener Imms. It configures easily to your requirements. And if there's no internet access where you're delivering the program, no problem. It's a complete, end-to-end solution.

SchoolScreener® Imms will keep you in control with parental e-consent, assisted triage, vaccine administration and e-reporting. Only then, will you be able to deliver the results that you require.

Based on the underlying, proven technology behind our SchoolScreener® products, the immunization module is already in use in the UK. SchoolScreener® is in widespread use in several countries to manage BMI data, vision and hearing screening. Over 400,000 primary school children have benefited from this, to date. Contact us without delay to see an online demonstration of the product.

To see the workflows in action for yourself, ask for a demonstration.

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