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Measurement of Child Height and Weight

The Importance of BMI Measurement

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a key measurement in child development. The longer problems go undetected, the more a child’s health is likely to be adversely impacted.

‘Maintaining a healthy weight during childhood is especially important for heart health. Research shows that nearly 60 percent of overweight children aged 5 to 17 had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and 25 percent had two or more’

BMI in Children, 2013

Find out more about why BMI is evaluated differently for children than it is for adults in our blog, ‘Why Do We Calculate BMI for Children’.


SchoolScreener® Makes Administration Easier

SchoolScreener® Height + Weight is an efficient, cost-effective and proven tool to help you implement a BMI screening program in your school or district.

Designed in the UK, no clinical knowledge is required to use it and no special training is required, either. The screener, whether clinical or not, can focus on taking measurements and making the tests fun for the children.

The software manages the full BMI screening process from data capture, administration (including personalized letters to parents/carers), management of the referral pathway and feedback to schools. Managers have access to detailed management information and audit allowing timely interventions and decision making on resource allocation and quality control.

Advantages of SchoolScreener® Height + Weight

  • Successfully used for over 100,000 children in the UK.
  • Uses any of the UK, CDC or WHO databases
  • Data capture can be customized for any public health requirement.
  • For use with children aged 4-18 years.
  • Built-in logic to minimize transcription errors.
  • Can be integrated with Child Health Records (EMR) or School Information Systems

SchoolScreener® Height + Weight is our Child BMI module. It provides full automated administration, communications to parents, reporting and audit functionality. It works with the Parent Portal for even greater efficiencies, eliminating the need for printing letters or leaflets for parents.

If you have established screening programs in place but would like the administrative benefits of SchoolScreener®, consider using it as a workflow tool only. It'll save you time and money and reduce the risk of error in collating results.

For answers to your questions, check out our FAQs page first, then contact us for further discussion, or to set up a demonstration.

To see the workflows in action for yourself, ask for a demonstration.

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