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Health Needs Assessments

Health Needs Assessments are often required as children progress through Kindergarten, Elementary and High schools. They're widely needed for any age healthy child program.

For pre-school aged children, parents may be asked to complete a health assessment. At various stages in their education, children can complete health questionnaires, with parental consent required on occasion. Once completed, the questionnaires are reviewed and triaged, dependant on answers. This can be a time-consuming, expensive and difficult process.

SchoolScreener® Health Needs

SchoolScreener® Health Needs has been developed for automating and managing work-flows of data and associated administration. This includes eConsent and business intelligence requirements from health assessments in schools.

The platform developed by Thomson Screening uses the same software infrastucture as other SchoolScreener® applications. So, it's proven by use. It automates all data management, administration, reporting, audit and pathway management, as you require. The platform is optimized for working with large groups of children at a school cluster, cohort or district level. SchoolScreener® Health Needs assessments can be completed online by the child in school or by a parent at home.

It's designed so that no manual data management by the healthcare provider is needed. It can be tailored to each provider's requirements, including question sets in any language, reporting and audit.

Each questionnaire has evaluation criteria according to provider requirements. From this, those children that require intervention are flagged for easy recognition. The process filters those that require attention and those that do not, limiting the amount of time needed to look at each individual response.

You have all the tools your organisation requires:

  • resource planning;
  • evidence-based resource allocation;
  • evaluate the impact on a group or area of certain policies;
  • feedback to schools.

All SchoolScreener® products include training, support and IT from Thomson Screening.

Data can be shared with other agencies and systems, according to your locality's child health needs.

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