SchoolScreener® School Nursing Service Planning Timeline Maximises Productivity

How You Can Benefit From A School Nursing Service Planning Timeline

A School Nursing Planning Timeline can be an invaluable addition to your service provision. With such large a burden of information upon school health providers, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the relevant data. Especially if you are still using traditional paper-based methods.

After all, you need to record everything – from contact details of staff attending, to locations, dates & times of visits across your locality.

So, with that said, having the ability to keep & view all of your commitments in one place could be an extremely potent tool for saving time. One of the biggest obstacles to school health we identified, through discussing with providers across the country, is administrative burdens. So, say goodbye to them with the SchoolScreener® Planning Timeline.

You can record & view a whole range of information, from school contact details to screener information

Use A School Nursing Service Planning Timeline To Reduce the Number of Data Touch Points & Save Time

By keeping all of your records in one central location, you can reduce the number of “touchpoints”. So, instead of data being entered into one system (or on one form!), then another, then another – with SchoolScreener® Planning Timeline, you only ever need to enter data once.

Not only does this increase the security and validity of data – as there is less chance of making a transcription error by repeating data entry – but it also can offer considerable time & cost savings.

This is especially true if you are still relying on paper-based scheduling, or if your trust uses higher-band employees to complete admin.

Align With PHE Commissioning Goals With A School Nursing Service Planning Timeline

With PHE’s renewed focus on modernising services and finding leaner ways of working, a school nursing service planning timeline helps you tick all the required boxes.

When considered alongside the rest of the time/cost saving solutions we offer, a school nursing service planning timeline could very easily be the difference between securing a contract or losing it.

We have included a short video, below, to demonstrate how easy it is to use the SchoolScreener® School Nursing Planning Timeline:

As you can see, it is as easy as clicking the field, filling in the information, and saving it. We do the rest; generating an easy-to-read priority-sorted list of all upcoming campaigns.

You can filter by type of campaign, by the user who created the campaigns… You can even download a summary of your timeline to your spreadsheet software of choice. This allows you to share your schedule with management, commissioners, and schools.

Find out more about school nursing service planning timelines, or any other SchoolScreener® services

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