What Can SchoolScreener® Clinic Booking Functionality Do For You?

What Is A School Nursing Clinic Booking Tool?

School Nursing Clinic Booking Tools can be extremely potent tools to aid school health providers. They provide accessible means for parents to sign their children up for catch-up clinics. This can be vital to help ensure No Child Left behind.

Out-of-school clinics are integral provisions to public health. They allow absent children (who already are more likely to be vulnerable) the opportunity to still receive health interventions. 

School Nursing Clinic Booking tools increase access to these services, and they do so with much less of an administrative hassle.

How You Can Utilise SchoolScreener® Clinic Booking Functionality to Maximise Uptake

We are excited to announce SchoolScreener® Clinic Booking Functionality! Now available for use, through the SchoolScreener ParentPortal®, parents can book their children into specific clinics being run by the school nursing provider.So, even if a child was absent on the day of a visit, they can still receive the required health intervention.The interface is straightforward to use. Parents select the clinic, the time & date from predetermined options:

The primary benefit is to increase awareness and accessibility to out-of-school clinics. 

Many parents are unaware that these out-of-school services exist, or else they may be unaware how to sign up. The SchoolScreener® Clinic Booking functionality helps to combat both of these issues.

And it has the same time & cost-saving benefits of the rest of the SchoolScreener® range – delivering these services with minimal admin.

Do You Use A School Nursing Clinic Booking Tool To Help Ensure No Child Left Behind?

Vulnerable children rely more heavily on the health offering provided by the school health team. And, especially in the wake of COVID-19, they are more likely to be absent from school than their non vulnerable counterparts.

So, increasing access to these alternate provisions can be a great tool in helping to narrow the health gap.

Most importantly, it means you can deliver life-changing interventions to more children, all the while aligning yourself with commissioning guidelines.

Ask About SchoolScreener Clinic Booking Functionality Today

School Nursing Clinic Booking Tools are invaluable for lowering the health gap, and increasing uptake of campaigns across a range of school health settings. Whether that is immunisation, NCMP, screening…

We want to help you, to deliver the campaigns that protect our future. If you want to find out more about how you can implement the SchoolScreener® Clinic Booking Tool in your locality, get in touch today.

Alternatively, view our previous post summarising all of the new SchoolScreener® features

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