Utilise School Health Dashboard and Sharing to Meet Commissioning Guidance

One of the many benefits to SchoolScreener® has always been the easy to use school health dashboard and sharing options. Now we’re excited to announce that we are levelling up our reporting game.

We know that commissioners are being pushed by PHE to value “data driven decision making”. Which means that you, in turn, have to have access to data, to deliver on these goals. You need to be able to substantiate your decisions with evidence. So, we have always made it as easy as possible for you to collate, examine & deliver data in easy to read formats.

Well, perfection is a never-ending process.

We have updated the school health dashboard and sharing functionality. On top of all of the great original features, we’ve thrown in something extra. Now, you can provide access to a configurable dashboard for commissioners & other stakeholders. Meaning they can interrogate the whole dataset, and find exactly what they need. So, you don’t need to try and pre-empt what data your bosses want.

What Can You Do With SchoolScreener® School Health Dashboard and Sharing?

Management, commissioners & stakeholders will be able to interact with the dashboard you generate for them. The updated school health dashboard and sharing means that you no longer have to provide only a limited selection of reports.

So, if the powers that be decide they want to see what responses were to a particular question in a health needs assessment, they can do that.

Or, there are options to view and compare by the desired section of questionnaire:

Whatever view you are looking for, there are detailed reports available, and a range of ways to sort and filter data.

Meaning your commissioners can get the information they need, and you don’t need to be psychic to do it.

Most importantly, as with any SchoolScreener® product, the school health dashboard and sharing options means that you save time across the board.

Providers make savings as data is automatically fed into dashboards, and requires no manual entry.

Commissioners save time, with access to the information they want on demand. The best part is that the school health dashboard and saving tools are provided as standard with any SchoolScreener® product.

Do You Want to Deliver More Data to Key Stakeholders?

If you think that you could benefit from delivering more data to your commissioners, upper management, or stakeholders, then get in touch. The updated SchoolScreener® school health dashboard and sharing functionalities are now available.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the other new SchoolScreener® products coming your way, read our blog post

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