Barcode readers are supplied as standard with SchoolScreener® Imms. Accurate entry ensures effective management and reporting of immunization data. With the additional use of a barcode reader to record the vaccine details, this gives the practitioner confidence that the batch code and expiry date along with all the other information about the vaccine is recorded with no transcription errors. SchoolScreener® Imms uses the latest technology to provide high performance solutions to accurate data entry.

School-Located Vaccination (SLV)  sessions are busy and pressurised as the teams have an enormous amount of children to vaccinate in a specified time slot. The children may also be nervous or anxious about having an immunisation.

Vaccine data is typically recorded on a paper form by the nurse who administers the vaccine. Sometimes, owing to the nature of the sessions and the length of some batch numbers the information is inaccurately recorded. Common data entry problems are:

  • Users can invert numbers
  • Users may skip a number/ letter
  • Users can misread a number/ letter
  • Users can skip some of the required information
  • Poor handwriting – leads to inaccurate data entry


Advantages of the Barcode Reader for Accurate Data Entry

It’s Accurate, Fast and Reliable

Not only does SchoolScreener® Imms accurately record the vaccination data it records the time of administration and the name of the nurse administering the vaccine. Each user has a unique username and password for the system which allows accurate reporting and audit.



SchoolScreener® Imms aids accurate, complete and timely reports as information is amended and recorded in situ. There is no need for someone to enter information from paper forms so increases efficiency and importantly improves the accuracy of data entry. It also reduces the time it takes to report on the sessions to family physicians and local public health records, as required.


Informative Communication

Parents and carers want to know when a vaccine has been administered. As soon as the vaccine is administered, the parents’ record in the eConsent parent portal is updated with accurate information. This removes the need for the immunization teams to write out a report card for each child to take home, therefore improving efficiency within the immunization sessions. Vaccines have data included in their on-pack codes that contribute to patient safety.


Overall, SchoolScreener® Imms and the use of a barcode reader will improve:

  • Data accuracy
  • Accurate reporting
  • Accurate communication
  • Time efficiency

Why not give it a go to improve your team’s efficiency, accuracy of data entry and reporting? Contact us to find out more, or see more details.

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