How Can COVID Manager Help Schools and Colleges?


Yes it’s true. COVID Manager for Schools CAN help schools and colleges, really. And this applies just as well for testing at home as it does in school. In fact, it’s arguably more valuable for testing at home.

Here’s why.

Firstly, it’s a purpose-built, web-based system widely used by the NHS for similar activities. It’s safe, secure, simple to use and supported by a customer service team in the UK.

As a test register, it also automates most of the necessary administration around managing asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at home or in-school.

See how other schools fared when first using COVID Manager.

So, it speeds up the management of:

  • When home testing, parents submit results via an app – you see them instantly.
  • Parent Communications – letters from templates;
  • Consent – Asking for, receiving and managing it;
  • Recording Test Results – with just a click;
  • Reporting – who has and has not been tested and when;
  • Bulk Uploads to NHS Test & Trace.

It reduces the risk of error enormously, by removing the need for manual intervention in the process. No transposing of data, typing reports or manually handling piles of forms and data.

It handles self-consent by those old enough, parental consent for others. Also, it works alongside paper forms for those unwilling or unable to use electronic consent.

It saves money by avoiding the need to print paper letters, leaflets and forms.

It speeds up the testing process by presenting the status of each student in a bubble/class/year-group in a single, real-time dashboard view. Then record results with just a click, adding more each time you test.

So, in conclusion COVID Manager for Schools can help schools (primary and secondary) and colleges through the COVID testing hassles.

It saves time by allowing you to work much faster.

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