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Electronic Health Needs Assessments – The Catalyst to Improve Your Delivery of Child Health Interventions?

Electronic health needs assessments are crucial to meeting key commissioning aims. These aims were set out in the revised 2021 Healthy Child programme & 2020 No Child Left Behind guidance.

Not only do electronic health needs surveys allow a service to demonstrate it’s aligning with goals such as service modernisation and leaner working, they do so at an extremely cost-effective rate. And, with the end of the financial year approaching, it’s time to look at spending any surplus – before it’s too late! Low-cost, high-return, service digitisation solutions are an ideal candidate.

Release more time to care with Electronic Health Needs Surveys

Electronic health needs questionnaires, specifically, are instrumental in discovering the issues facing a particular locality. Questionnaires allow nursing teams to identify issues, from high-level (assessing trends across an entire area), down to an individual child.

With electronic solutions – such as SchoolScreener® Health Needs – now available, this can be done with minimal setup or administrative burden. So, you can still receive the vital information that allows you to target appropriate interventions. Without being buried under mountains of paperwork!

SchoolScreener® Health Needs has a whole range of engaging & responsive content. These electronic health needs surveys have been developed from our work with providers across the country. So, you can access a reliable library of material, proven to tick commissioner’s boxes. And the best part – all the whilst, it is releasing more time to care, by automating the tedious parts.

Meaning you can save time & money in distribution, collection, and collating of your questionnaires.

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Productivity Calculator – Find Out How Much You Could
Save with Electronic Health Needs Assessments! 

At SchoolScreener® we have been working with school health providers for over a decade. This allows us a unique insight into how much time providers spend on certain activities. That may be distributing the questionnaires, or preparing a report afterwards.

We’ve collated all of this information into a handy productivity savings calculator. So, if you want to find out more about how much time (and paper!) our bespoke electronic health needs assessment solution can save you, get in touch!

This productivity calculator can be completely invaluable when it comes to requesting funding. It offers an abundantly clear way to demonstrate the potential return-on-investment, and the tangible benefits for the Trust – a great step for your business case.

There’s Never Been A Better Time to Consider Electronic Health Needs Surveys

Burdens on school health providers are only growing, with tighter budgets each year. It’s crucial that providers find cost-effective solutions that can still address growing health inequality & inequity within the UK. Electronic Health Needs Assessments offer cheap avenues to greater patient information, meaning school health teams can deliver more targeted services, faster than before.

If you are interested in finding out the ways in which SchoolScreener® Health Needs can help, we have full technical product specifications available on request. You can also view a range of technical information on the NHS Digital Marketplace

We know budgets are running thin by this point in the year, so we are offering discounts on our listed prices (see here!) until the end of March!

Get in touch to find out more!


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