Easy as 1-2-3: Lateral Flow Testing and Reporting is Sorted


We have built this checklist to help you rise above the chaos that is lateral flow testing in schools

1. Workflow: Skip the Slow Bit

The registration of test kits needs to be done no earlier than 24 hours before the test or no later than 24 hours after the test. Many schools ask parents to take the burden of registrations. This is NOT necessary and creates extra work.

We recommend you bulk register after testing for that cycle ends

Personal details you need for each test are already in the system, they are included in your export file. This way you can minimise the opportunities of error, looking up details and keeping a log of everything.

Instead of this:

Step 2 is where the time goes and that is the step you can skip:

You can just do this:

You can issue the barcodes in the SchoolScreener Covid Manager prior to the children attending using a barcode scanner or a camera on the device.

Simply issue the barcode to the child when they arrive for testing. If you want to pre issue the barcodes you can also do this. Once the barcode is assigned to the child you can pop the barcode in the advanced search to retrieve the child’s record and enter the result..

2. At Home or On Site

Parents, students and staff can add the result of their home tests in the portal. The results are immediately available in the SchoolScreener Patient Portal for you to view

You can see who hasn’t been tested or who has been given test kit. Parents and staff members alike can simply pop their results straight in.

NB Did you know that we can even capture PCR tests?

3: Bulk Upload: the Biggest Time Saver: No Need to Type Anything

Now you can simply run a report that maps straight onto the NHS Test & Trace bulk upload Excel file:

  • Name, gender, contact details
  • NHS number
  • Ethnicity and other fields required
  • Details of testing: date, time, barcode, outcome

We even number the list so that you can do it in blocks of 100 records

Simply copy the information onto the excel template and submit to NHS T&T.

It can be just this simple…

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