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School Principals Make a Difference with SchoolScreener®

For School Principals that want to make a difference to educational outcomes, child health and community relations, consider SchoolScreener®.

Health screening in schools is vitally important. Children who cannot see or hear properly are more likely to be disadvantaged in the classroom. And the longer problems go undetected, the more a child’s social and educational development are impacted. In turn, this places greater demands on staff and school support resources.

Head teachers can help their pupils reach their full potential in just a few clicks. SchoolScreener® identifies those children in need of further, professional tests and subsequent treatments. And there's no administration for your school. Everything's automated, including managing parental consent.

It doesn't matter if you have school nurse resources or not. SchoolScreener® is designed for anyone to use: school nursesteachers, classroom assistants or 3rd party service providers.

Or, if you're looking for information or help in approaching local service providers, please contact us.

How SchoolScreener® Works for School Principals

  • A vision screening kit will be provided to each school, including everything needed to work in conjunction with the software.
  • Results are automatically uploaded to the cloud and customized letters for each child are available within seconds.
  • If you don't have internet access in classrooms, that's not a problem! Results are automatically batched and stored in the Cloud when back online.
  • Children that have results indicating a possible vision/hearing problem are referred for professional checks and treatment, if needed. Default settings are adjustable, to adapt to different local guidelines in different countries/states.

Get the workflow right and your screening program becomes a whole lot easier. Even if you have established testing methods you can't change, your team can still use SchoolScreener® to automate program administration and manage child health data efficiently and effectively.

In Summary, for School Principals, SchoolScreener® ….

  • Helps Improve Educational Outcomes
    • identifies emerging sight/hearing problems for professional assessment, so the child’s education does not suffer
    • allows active class management, such as bringing pupils with known sight issues to the front of class
  • is Very Quick
  •  is Economical
    • low costs based on school population, from US $0.56 per screening

Try SchoolScreener® Vision in your school or organization, FREE of charge. This'll show you just how easy it is to set up, use and get real, automated results. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes and don't forget, there's no manual data entry needed! The free licence allows you to check the vision of up to 10 children.

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