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We Make Child Health Screening Easier for School Nurses

School nurses around the world can now use SchoolScreener® to make child health screening easier, faster and more accurate. SchoolScreener® supports screening programs in schools for vision, hearing, height/weight (BMI) and the management of immunization programs. Also, for developing, deploying and analyzing health needs assessments and questionnaires. These all include automated consent, data management, governance and communications to parents.

SchoolScreener® is easy-to-use software; it provides school nurses with modern methods of measurement and recording of data. Also, it streamlines the whole administrative process. SchoolScreener® makes it easier and quicker for school nurses to complete the task. Save up to 15 minutes per screening through automated administration alone.

Importantly, it's an up-to-date, consistent method of testing that's fun for young children.

SchoolScreener® is available in 45 languages, including voice-overs. Not only can you use software anywhere, but you can also produce automated parent letters in those languages, too. Ask for details.

How SchoolScreener® Works for School Nurses

  • Typically, we provide each school nurse with a vision screening kit, and/or a hearing screening kit. That includes everything needed to work in conjunction with the software.
  • Upload results automatically to the cloud. Customized letters for each child are available within seconds.
  • For vision tests, it refers children for a secondary examination if they record a LogMAR score of greater than 0.2. That’s  the default pass/fail criterion. The default can be reset according to local requirements.
  • Clinicians performing secondary examinations, if required, may login and record the outcome of their tests. This yields real-time audit information regarding the progress and effectiveness of the screening program.
  • School nurses can upload results to Child EMR systems, if required.
  • Finally, there's an automated management and KPI reporting dashboard, again, set according to locality requirements.

Get the workflow right and your screening program becomes a whole lot easier. Whether you use SchoolScreener® for taking the measurements or not, we can give you back precious time.

We'd love to arrange a demonstration of this radical solution for you; you won't be disappointed.

In Summary, for School Nurses, SchoolScreener® ….

  • Saves Time; with Vision Tests Lasting 1-2 Minutes and Up To 15 Minutes Admin Time Saved per Pupil.
  • is Economical, with Low Costs based on Usage, from US $0.56 per Screening.
  • Reduces Error through Automated Parent Letters, Clinical Referrals and Consistency of Testing.
  • Improves Relationships between School and Parents via Consistent, Quality Communication.
  • Enhances Public Health through Vision and Hearing Improvements plus Reduced Obesity and Greater Uptake of Immunizations.


Hyde Park Preparatory School
"SchoolScreener has been brilliant! We're used it so many times throughout the year and have spotted several children who've needed a proper eye test as a result."

UK National Health Service

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust
"The software has proved easy to use and delivered benefits rapidly, enabling [non clinical staff] to successfully deliver screening across the county and improving the team’s efficiency."


King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy, Birmingham
"..using SchoolScreener, we have identified several students with vision problems which were diagnosed by a trained optician following the test at school ... the children have been helped and their learning chances have improved."

Special Education Needs

John Brown UCL - Institute of Education
“Many children with vision and hearing problems go undiagnosed ... SchoolScreener demonstrates ... benefits for children’s development and cost savings for special needs.”

International NGO

Cross Cultural Solutions
"SchoolScreener enables our international volunteers to efficiently screen vulnerable children across our 9 program locations ... improves education outcomes, reduces school dropout rates and enables children around the world to fulfil their potential."


Stoke Wood School, Leicester
"[SchoolScreener] ... is a valuable tool that only takes moments to set up but makes a big difference to children’s behaviour and learning."

UK National Health Service

Sussex Community National Health Service Foundation Trust
"Implementing SchoolScreener has demonstrated improvements to the standard of screening provision."
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