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Regional Child Health Screening Programs

Regional screening programs that enable the early identification of vision and hearing problems are important for child health and well-being. Of course, children who cannot see or hear properly may be disadvantaged in the classroom, too. The longer problems go undetected, the more a child’s health, social and educational development can be impacted. In turn, this can place avoidable demands locally on social care, healthcare and education services.

The challenges of regional screening programs, from district to state-wide, include utilizing clinical resources as effectively as possible. Also, the organisational complexities of scale and budgetary control.

SchoolScreener® can help you to deliver these services better, cheaper and faster. Used extensively by the UK’s National Health Service, it’s designed to manage regional screening services from a laptop. It automates all your administrative needs for screening, immunizations and more, to your exact requirements.

For vision and hearing checks, SchoolScreener® accurately identifies those children in need of further, professional tests and subsequent treatments. Or, you can use your current equipment and use SchoolScreener® to automate your area-wide workflow. This includes administration, audit, pathway management, communications to parents and management information.

SchoolScreener® is designed for ages 4 -18.

Key Features for Regional Screening

  • SchoolScreener® is designed to manage the full screening process for vision and hearing tests. Also, height-weight measurements (BMI), health needs assessments and the management of regional or national immunization programs.
  • SchoolScreener® doesn't rely on an internet connection for testing. If you don’t have web access, you can still deliver the screenings from your laptop from district to state-wide. Then, synchronize to the secure Cloud once you’re back online.
  • Designed to automate all your data regionally and in-school, no manual input of data is needed with SchoolScreener®. Data management and reporting includes:
    • clinical and management information;
    • pathway management;
    • audit, KPI and other reporting to your funders;
    • feedback from full clincal assessments; and more....
  • Data may be uploaded to other systems and databases, as required.
  • Back-office administration may be handled centrally or locally,  including personalized letters to parents/carers and feedback to schools.
  • Managers have access to detailed management information, dashboards and audit. This allows timely interventions and decision making on resource allocation and quality control.
  • Automated back-office functions reduce the requirement for administrative support.
  • Screenings use universal testing protocols. For example, vision reporting is either Crowded LogMAR or Snellen, set exactly to your organization's screening criteria. That means the software fully conforms with your national and local requirements.
  • Screening can be performed by those with no clinical expertise, significantly reducing staff costs.
  • Little training is required to use SchoolScreener®. User learning takes 1 to 2 hours only.
  • Fewer false positives in test results save costs in secondary care and saves time for clinicians, children and their parents.

Contact us now to arrange a product demonstration, to show how SchoolScreener® could work for your local, regional, child health program.

In Summary, SchoolScreener® Delivers to Your District….

  • Consistency of Data Quality and Reporting
    • Standardized Data Capture.
    • Automated Data Collation, Audit and Reports.
  • Reduced Risk and Error
    • Managed Parental Consent, Automated Parent Letters (emails or texts) and Pathway Management.
    • Consistency of Testing.
  • Economy,
    • Low Costs based on Usage.
  • Public Health Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Early Identification of Vision and Hearing Problems.
    • Efficiencies in Managing Immunization Programs, including Consent Management.
    • Efficiencies in Delivering and Managing Height and Weight Programs and Effectiveness in Communications to Parents
  • Time Saved
    • Vision Checks from 45 seconds.
    • Hearing Screening takes just a few Minutes per Child.
    • Save up to 15 Minutes per Screening via Automated Administration and the Avoidance of Manual Data Entry.
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