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Audiologists Benefit From Hearing Screening

A hearing screening program plays a vital role in ensuring that we detect children with vision problems reliably and cost efficiently.

SchoolScreener® enables audiology practices to offer a screening in local schools, without the need to use clinical resources.

With the software, SchoolScreener® Hearing, you'll receive an audiometer and earphones, sized for children. Annual calibration of equipment is included. All you need to provide is a laptop. Alternatively, you can use your current equipment with SchoolScreener® District Data to automate your data management, reporting, communications to parents and other administrative requirements, in any language.

Screening criteria can be customized according to local requirements.

SchoolScreener® is designed to be used by clinicians or non-clinical staff with minimal training. This provides health services with options on how to best deploy their limited clinical resources. With SchoolScreener® District Data, you save time and money by automating administration, set precisely to your organization's requirements.

There are two ways that we suggest you could work with us:

Model 1: Provide a screening service in schools

  • Using SchoolScreener® Hearing, clinics provide a hearing screening service for local schools.
  • Practice staff use a laptop either with our units that plug into the laptop via USB, or your own equipment.
  • Check up to 70 children per day. Then, specialist appointments are offered to screening "fails".
  • Generate letters for parents automatically. Do this on-site for single locations or centrally for multiple locations, using SchoolScreener® District Data.
  • Clinics may consider the service reaps sufficient goodwill and referrals not to charge, or may charge for the service.

Model 2: Become an ambassador for SchoolScreener® Hearing

  • Ambassadors in any country can sponsor local schools. Do this by either partially or fully funding their use of SchoolScreener® Hearing.
  • Ambassadors may need to provide basic training and support.
  • The Ambassador Plan provides an ideal opportunity for audiology practices to engage with local schools.

SchoolScreener® Modules

SchoolScreener® is a modular application, based on the functionality that you require.

If you're screening in one location only, select the SchoolScreener® Hearing module. That's all you'll need. It's designed for repeat use at a single location. That location may be a school, clinic or wherever you determine.

If you're screening in multiple locations, select the SchoolScreener® Hearing module, as above. Then add SchoolScreener® District Data.  This adds the capability to capture, audit and report on data from multiple locations.

Screening in schools, single or multiple, has never been easier.

For a more detailed comparison of features between the various modules available, see the software products page

In all cases, all personal data is securely held in the Cloud and is inaccessible to unauthorized users. See our Privacy Policy for details.

In summary, SchoolScreener® provides a simple and reliable tool for performing hearing screening programs.  This means that with suitable training and audiologist overview, primary hearing screening in schools can be safely delegated to school nurses and other suitably-trained individuals.  This frees up audiologists to do the training, oversight of the program and to manage those who "fail" the screening.

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To see SchoolScreener Hearing in action for yourself, without cost or obligation, ask for a demonstration .

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