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Who Uses SchoolScreener®?

SchoolScreener® has already managed over 1,000,000 child health screenings in the UK, USA and developing countries including India, Ghana, Guatemala and Costa Rica. In the UK, it's used in schools by the NHS (National Health Service).

It's simple-to-use, yet modern and sophisticated in content. An extremely effective solution, use it to manage the health screening of children in schools. You don't need an active internet connection for the screening process itself. Upload data in bulk, later. Also, SchoolScreener® automates locality-wide data management, reporting and all administration. This includes personalized letters to parents. We've translated it into 45 different languages.

We know that laws and guidelines vary by country. Additionally, in some countries, by state, province or territory, too. Responsibility for screening may lie with schools, area-wide education or health organizations, non-profits, charities or NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Various professionals can deliver the screening itself. These include school nurses, visiting health professionals (nurses, eye care professionals, audiologists, etc) or other, non-clinical colleagues.

Where screening is undertaken by clinicians in schools, we recommend using SchoolScreener® as a pre-screening tool. This will reduce costs by focusing professional time onto children in most need.

Whatever your role, we've designed SchoolScreener® to work optimally for you, your organization, the children and their families.

To find out more about how SchoolScreener® can help you, select the most appropriate option for your circumstances below:

If you're interested in selling SchoolScreener® products and services in your country/state/territory, please see our information for distributors.

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