COVID Manager for Schools:

Home Tests or at School, Lose the Spreadsheets, Cut the Hassle, Save Time

Use SchoolScreener® COVID Manager to take control of coronavirus testing administration. Whether it’s testing at home or in-school, students or staff, join hundreds of other schools and:

SchoolScreener® COVID Manager is all you need for 2022.

REGISTER TODAY to Save up to 50% of Admin Time!

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CEO at Whickham School, Steve Haigh, had this to say....

(Jan 2021)

"The staff at SchoolScreener have responded to the urgent need to record and monitor lateral flow tests in school. They have been able to make a complex task straightforward. The more we work with them the better the solution works for us."

Learn to Use COVID Manager in Under an Hour

Everything’s online, so it’s very quick to get started using, too.

Step 1: Complete Contact Form

Got a query?

Follow the button link below to get in touch with a member of our helpful support team.

You will need to provide a few details.

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Step 3: Access Training and Support

Training videos and documentation are available once you’re logged in to COVID Manager.

You can access these at any time. In under an hour, you’ll be able to use COVID Manager.


Step 2: Log in and Use COVID Manager

YES! Get going straight away!

Once you receive your login details, you’ll be able to log into the software immediately.

This is so that you can start using the software straight away, without waiting for invoices and payment confirmation.


Step 4: Invoice will Follow Within 7 Days

Up to 1 week after registering, you’ll receive an invoice for immediate payment.

Low-Cost Solution to the Hassle of Managing Testing in Schools

SchoolScreener® COVID Manager is an online app that’s available for schools to use now. The first schools to use it went live in January 2021. Hundreds have joined them since.

Specifically designed for purpose with the aid of a UK government grant, it’s way, way better than using spreadsheets and paper methods.

Even if you’re giving students the kits to take home, it’s worth knowing who’s tested, who’s vaccinated, their status. Families can complete the data online for you, with minimal fuss for each of them.

The same applies to staff. Know their vaccination, testing and isolation status at a glance.

It will save you up to 50% of the time currently spent on admin for the COVID testing programme. AND yield better, usable information, instantly.

Costs are low:

  • For primary schools from: £200 +VAT.
  • For secondary schools from: £300 +VAT
  • For further education and sixth form colleges from: £500 + VAT

It’s easy to use. Don’t wait for DfE, use SchoolScreener® COVID Manager.

There’s more information in the News section of this website.

To answer any questions, or to understand discounts for groups of schools, please contact us.

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