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SchoolScreener® Software Products

SchoolScreener® is a modular application, based on the functionality that you require. Modules may be added together to form bespoke child health screening programs. Which one’s optimal for you, depends upon your circumstances.

If you're screening in one school only, select the modules that you need from the list below. They're designed for repeat use at a single location. That location may be a school, clinic or wherever you determine.

The Vision and Hearing modules include testing kits, as well. The tests are standard screening protocols, although you don’t need to know about screening. The software does the analysis; all you need to do is follow what the interface asks. All of your administration, such as letters to parents and data, is automated, too.
If you're screening in multiple locations, select the program module(s) as above. Then add SchoolScreener® District Data.  This automates all your district-wide data management and reporting requirements.
Screening in schools, single or multiple, has never been easier.
For a detailed comparison of features between the various modules, see the list below.

SchoolScreener® Vision uses global screening protocols within the software. It guides the user, analyses results and automates site-specific administration, such as for a school.

We will send you a vision screening kit to use in conjunction with the software.

SchoolScreener® Vision includes:

    • Intuitive and quick set up and use. Testing takes from only 45 seconds per child.
    • No manual entry of data.
    • Personalized letters to parents/carers managing consent and reporting results.
    • Automated data reporting and audit.

See more information about vision screening of children.

SchoolScreener® Hearing automates the hearing testing of children aged 4 to 18. Using global screening protocols, the software guides the user, then analyzes results and automates administration.

You'll need a hearing test kit to use in conjunction with the software, to test hearing. This consists of a headset and an audiometer, to plug into the screener's laptop.

The advantages of using SchoolScreener® Hearing are:

    • SPEED OF USE. It's intuitive and quick to set up and use. Testing takes only 3-7 minutes per child, on average.
    • REDUCED RISK OF ERROR. The automated tests require no manual entry of data.
    • AUTOMATED OUTPUT. Consent is managed and the software produces personalized reports for parents/carers. Also, automated reporting and audit.

See more information about hearing screening of children.

SchoolScreener® Height + Weight automates the data management from measuring child height and weight. It calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) automatically.

The advantages of using SchoolScreener® Height + Weight are:

    • INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS using any of the UK, CDC or WHO databases.
    • AUTOMATED ADMINISTRATION removes the risk of transcription or calculation error.
    • AUTOMATED OUTPUT includes personalized template letters to parents/carers, in any language, for managed consent. Also, automated reporting and audit.

See more information about measuring height and weight for children and understand why it's important to calculate their BMI.

SchoolScreener® Imms automates the data management, audit and reporting from child immunization programs. As with all SchoolScreener modules, there's no need to be connected to the internet to use it.

The advantages of using SchoolScreener® Imms are:

    • eCONSENT. It manages electronic consent processes.
    • ASSISTED TRIAGE. To ensure safety.
    • VACCINE ADMINISTRATION. Checklists, contra-indications and batch data.
    • eREPORTING. This includes automated reporting and audit to local requirements and electronic messaging for integration to child health systems.

See more information about immunization data management.

SchoolScreener® District Data enables the information gathered from multiple sites and multiple SchoolScreener® modules to automate workflow. This includes analysis, administration, communications to parents (any language), pathway management, clinic feedback, district-wide audit and KPI reporting to local requirements.

See more information about child health data management and workflows.

We have designed all SchoolScreener® modules to be:

  • Used by anyone; so teachers and classroom assistants can screen children just as easily as school nurses. So can volunteers. As can clinicians.
  • Used irrespective of whether an internet connection is present.  When the testing is done, synchronize data to the secure Cloud once you're back online. Administrative functionality does require an internet connection, however.
  • All data management complies with regulatory requirements (for example, HIPAA in the USA, GDPR in the EU).

In all cases, all personal data is securely held in the Cloud and not accessible to unauthorized users. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

All aspects of all SchoolScreener® modules are available in 45 languages.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration of SchoolScreener®.

Try SchoolScreener® Vision in your school or organization, FREE of charge. This'll show you just how easy it is to set up, use and get real, automated results. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes and don't forget, there's no manual data entry needed! The free licence allows you to test the vision of up to 10 children.

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