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What Do We Mean by Child Health Screening?

We're a British-based company with customers all over the world. We've noticed that the concept of child health screening varies by location. So, by way of explanation and to avoid confusion, here's our interpretation.

Screening is for a specific condition that's defined and is:

  • reasonably common in the population;
  • easily detectable; and
  • remediable.

The result of a screen is Pass(negative) or Fail (positive). Fails are referred on for examination or diagnostics.

In our version of screening, we don't diagnose. SchoolScreener test results cannot be used for any treatment or intervention. That means that children who score Fails will require a full, clinical examination.



Questionnaire, demographics.

Delivered by Clerical Staff.



Pass/Fail Tests, not diagnostic in nature.

Delivered by screeners, who may be clinical or not.



Examination and Measurement.

Delivered by specialist clinicians (e.g. optometrists).




Delivered by specialists (e.g. opticians).

In some regions, specialist clinicians are employed to screen children for, say vision. In these cases, we recommend using SchoolScreener® as a pre-screening tool to enable a more efficient use of the specialists' time. SchoolScreener® can be used by generalist clinicians like school nurses, or even teachers or classroom assistants.

Whether screening is mandatory or not, teachers can help their pupils reach their full potential in a just a few clicks. Use SchoolScreener® to identify accurately those children in need of further, professional tests and subsequent treatments. It works for children of all ages, in school or preschool.

Our core SchoolScreener® software is available in various modules. Learn more, below, about how we support screening programs for vision and hearing. Also, school health data management for height and weight recording and immunization programs.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and arrange a free, personalized demonstration of this amazing software.

Alternatively, just try SchoolScreener® Vision in your school or organization, FREE of charge. This'll show you just how easy it is to set up, use and get real, automated results. The free licence allows you to test the vision of up to 10 children.

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