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Hearing Screening for Child Health

Early identification of hearing problems is important for children's healthcare, education and social development.

Empowers Teachers and Schools

For schools, SchoolScreener® Hearing is like a resource on-a-shelf. It's always available, online or offline to check children quickly if you've a concern. Check individual children, whole classes or schools whenever you want; break-time, after school or at events. For use by teachers, support staff, volunteers or school nurses.

Empowers Health Services

SchoolScreener® Hearing, when used with the SchoolScreener® District Data module, is for district-wide hearing screening programs. They form an efficient, cost-effective and proven tool to manage your district's hearing screening programs. For children aged 4 and over, it's designed to be delivered at scale quickly and cost-effectively. All administration is automated; audit, data management and much more, according to your requirements.

The software includes:

  • initial screening;
  • automated administration;
  • automated personalized letters to parents/carers in any language;
  • management of the referral pathway;
  • feedback to schools;
  • management reporting; and
  • automated area-wide audit/reporting for funders.

All set up according to your district's requirements.

Managers have access to detailed management information and locality-wide audits through the SchoolScreener® District Data dashboard. This enables timely intervention and decision making for quality control,  resource planning and reporting to commissioning or funding bodies.

SchoolScreener® Makes Testing AND Administration Easier

Once SchoolScreener® Hearing is downloaded onto a laptop, screening is straightforward and quick:

  • The Screener plugs in our bespoke Audiometer Device to the laptop. Animations engage the child and explain the test. (or you can use your current equipment).
  • The Screener performs a pure or warble tone audiometry test.
  • Results are recorded automatically, minimizing scoring and transcription errors.
  • The test eliminates the potential for the Screener to inadvertently 'lead' the child.
  • Options to use manual test or own audiometers.
  • Results automatically sent to Cloud and personalized letters for each child available in seconds, saving administration time.
  • Automated management, KPI reporting dashboard and screening criteria according to locality requirements.

Children who may have a hearing problem are usually referred to a secondary examination. Clinicians performing the secondary examination can login and record the outcome of their test. This gives real-time audit information regarding the progress and effectiveness of the screening program. The hearing test results may then be uploaded to the Children's EMR or school record systems.

Up to 20% of school aged children have a temporary or long term hearing problem. Children with hearing problems can find it difficult to fully engage in the classroom; that can impact their social and educational development.

Screeners Need Not Be Clinicians

Universal new-born hearing screening programs are very successful in detecting children with significant hearing loss at birth.

However, the standard new-born hearing screen test will detect only half of children starting school with permanent hearing loss. This means a substantial number of children with permanent hearing loss are not identified.

SchoolScreener® Hearing is a robust system to identify hearing loss. You don't need clinical knowledge to screen. This helps ensure that our children can hear and learn to the best of their abilities.

Deliver SchoolScreener® Hearing screening through an interactive game or other options in the software.

To see SchoolScreener Sound® in action for yourself, ask for a demonstration.

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