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In-School Health Screening: Good for Children, Good for Schools

Even where there is local screening provision at younger ages, having SchoolScreener available means you can check children whenever you think there’s a need, from ages 4 to 18.

Screening Anywhere, for Teachers, Support Staff, Volunteers and School Nurses

For individual schools, SchoolScreener® is designed to check from just a few students where there may be concerns to the whole class or school. It automates the following important actions, as required:

  • Obtain parental consent.
  • Perform a range of vision, hearing and height/weight tests.
  • Data entry.
  • Analyze results.
  • Produce personalized reports for parents in multiple languages.
  • Maintain a database of test results.
  • Audit.

Vision Screening in Schools

For schools, SchoolScreener® Vision is like a resource on-a-shelf. It's always available, online or offline to quickly check children where you have a concern. Check individual children, whole classes or schools whenever you want; break-time, after school or at events. For use by teachers, support staff, volunteers or school nurses.

In-School Hearing Screening

Research suggests that approximately 15% of US school-age children have a temporary or permanent hearing problem. Few children are routinely checked for hearing loss.

Check out SchoolScreener® Hearing for your school, organization or area.

Monitor Height and Weight in School

 SchoolScreener® Height+Weight manages the full Body Mass Index (BMI) screening process from data capture to management of the referral pathway.

Find out more about why height and weight are evaluated differently for children than for adults in our blog, Why Do We Calculate BMI for Children’.

SchoolScreener® requires no special training, so is quick to set up, even for the first time. You really are up and running in just a few minutes. The screener, whether clinical or not, can focus on making the tests fun and involving for the children.

Try SchoolScreener® Vision in your school or organization, FREE of charge. This'll show you just how easy it is to set up, use and get real, automated results. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes and don't forget, there's no manual data entry needed! The free licence allows you to test the vision of up to 10 children.

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