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Data Management, Reporting and Workflow Improvements

Data management and reporting are cornerstones of public health programs, nowadays. Delivering the program is not sufficient, you need to be seen to be doing so. SchoolScreener® delivers efficient screening programs for vision and hearing in schools. Additionally, it helps you automate the data collation, sharing and reporting.

Get the workflow right and your screening program becomes a whole lot easier. Whether you use SchoolScreener® for taking the measurements or not, we can give precious time back to you and your team.

SchoolScreener® helps you to collect and manage any screening data for vision, hearing height and weight. Importantly, it does this WITHOUT REQUIRING AN INTERNET CONNECTION.

Use SchoolScreener® to check children for vision or hearing. We use globally standardized screening protocols, so there's no risk to data quality. Even if you prefer to screen using your current equipment, exactly as you do now, SchoolScreener® can help you.

Doing the screening is one challenge. However, the real burden is the administration. Hours spent collating data, completing reports and writing letters to parents and for clinical referral.

  • The screening protocol is the same, whether you're using the SchoolScreener® interfaces or not.
  • SchoolScreener is fully automated. If you're using other equipment, you'll need to enter data manually.
  • When you next have an internet connection - simply connect and "Sync" data. Your data is uploaded to a secure database in the Cloud.
  • This can then be used to automatically generate a wide range of custom reports.
  • Automatic production of letters or emails to parents, according to your requirements. Use the school's own templates, in any language.

To see the workflows in action for yourself, ask for a demonstration or take a free trial.

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