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Child Health Screening

Undetected vision and hearing impairment is a global problem, affecting children everywhere, from California to Africa. Education, social development and health can all be impacted.

In many countries, obesity is a growing problem. For others, the opposite is the case and being under-weight is a serious challenge, too. Screening for height and weight (BMI) is a proven way to help identify those at most risk.

If you're a nurse and work in a school ...

then consider SchoolScreener®. It empowers school nurses to identify children with poor vision or hearing in a few clicks. Height and weight if you want it, too. It uses standard global protocols and is designed for use by school nurses, support staff or volunteers. It's easy to use and quick. Administration is fully automated, with no manual data entry required.

Use SchoolScreener® for screening, pre-screening or to check individual children to ensure that vision or hearing problems don't inhibit their education. Also, to understand health needs through class, cohort or school questionnaires.

If you provide a vaccination service, then check out SchoolScreener Imms.


Cost-Effective Screening in Schools

SchoolScreener® is an asset for any school nursing service.

It's quick, easy and inexpensive. It empowers school nursess to identify children for whom poor vision or hearing may be affecting their educational or social development. In addition, it helps to reduce the burdens on special needs time and budgets.

If you run health programs across a district...

You should have a look at SchoolScreener®, too. It's an efficient and cost-effective child health screening tool for wide-area programs. Select the module you need (Vision, Hearing, Immunization, Health Needs, etc) and add the District Data module. Together, they'll help you implement, manage and audit a screening program in your district, area, state, territory or country.

Read more about managing area-wide child health programs.


Efficient District and State-Wide Health Programs

SchoolScreener® automates locality-wide data management, reporting and administration.

The software fully conforms with your national or local requirements and protocols. In addition, it can be customized to meet your exact requirements. For district-wide health programs, it helps you deliver more, for less.

Find out more about our child health software products:

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